Faculty of Education Sampoerna University (FOE-SU) provides the academic and professional development for undergraduate students to become high quality Mathematics and English as a foreign language teacher candidates at all levels of the basic and secondary education system. All of our students complete a core program in Teaching, Learning and Leadership that prepares them to be educational leaders—in classrooms and as school administrators. We further advance our mission through our programs of teaching, school experience, research, and engagement with practitioners, scholars, and institutions in the field of education. All programs take into account global contemporary research and best practices to prepare our graduates to meet the demands of the esteemed profession and to be ready to address challenges in teaching and learning in schools in Indonesia.

Pre-service education programs:


August 11, 2018


August 11, 2018



To be an internationally recognized teaching faculty, inspired by the philosophy of the Yayasan, which prepares professional teachers for the betterment of Indonesia.


  • To foster teacher candidates with the characteristics of leadership, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility and who are committed to contributing to the well-being of Indonesia.
  • Instill our teacher candidates with global and national values and 21st century educational practices to create quality teachers who are thoughtful, life-long learners, able to communicate in both Indonesian and English, with the ability to use leading-edge educational technologies.
  • Cooperate with both national and international strategic partners to produce an innovative educational environment for our teacher candidates through teaching and learning programs, research projects, community services, and other academic activities.

Small Class Sizes

Each class is limited to 30 students. This gives every student the opportunity to be engaged in a more effective learning manner as she/he can have more interactions with classmates and with the lecturer. Small class sizes also provide an enabling environment for the realization of student-centered learning approaches that promote critical and creative thinking.

Technology Utilization

The teaching and learning processes at Faculty of Education are designed to allow students to have a firsthand experience in applying 21st century technologies. One of the instructional modes in 21st century education is Blended Learning where face-to-face sessions are combined with online learning. This helps students become independent and lifelong learners. The use of technology also makes it possible to carry out differentiated instruction to meet students’ individual needs and interests.

International Specialization Programs

Through partnerships with leading American universities, FoE offers a number of valuable certifications from leading American higher education organizations:

  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL Level 1 and 2) with Arizona State University
  • Blended Learning in K-12 Settings with the New Teacher Center
  • K-12 Blended and Online Learning with the University System of Georgia

Contextual Learning Through The School Experience Program (SEP)

As early as the students’ first semester, they have the opportunity to learn in real school settings (K-12 classrooms and schools). SEP was uniquely designed by the Faculty of Education to promote contextual learning where students can apply their knowledge and skills in schools, learn from professional teachers, observe and experience how theories and principles of teaching and learning English are put into practice, and reflect upon their learning and career orientations. SEP is conducted every semester and throughout the study program where senior students work as interns in schools and can collect primary data for their Capstone projects.

Learning From Experts With Firsthand Knowledge In Education

Educator Sharing Network (ESN) is a forum for scholars and experts in the field of education to share best practices, ideas, and innovations. This forum reinforces our goal of making sure our students are work-ready and world-ready. ESN becomes a hub where education professionals contribute to the development of education in Indonesia through presentations and sharing sessions.

The National Educator Conference

The National Educator Conference is hosted biennially by Sampoerna University as part of our commitment to advancing educational and school administration best practices across Indonesia. These events typically bring hundreds of educationists to our campus every other year. This provides a unique opportunity for our students to network and learn from teachers, education administrators, lecturers, development agencies and government officials.

Capstone Project: Applying Knowledge In Real Contexts

As a requirement to graduate from Faculty of Education, senior students have to submit Capstone projects. This project provides students with various learning experiences – obtained through the School Experience Program, the Community Service Program (CSP – KKN in Indonesian)- and the opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired through the coursework. There are three alternative ways by which students can accomplish the project:

(1) produce a full thesis report based on an empirical research study;

(2) write a scholarly paper and;

(3) produce a teaching and learning materials (audio visual, video, teaching aids, etc.).

High Rates Of Employment In The Best Schools

Many of our students have multiple job offers prior to graduation; over 100% are employed within 2 months of graduation. Our graduates have earned a reputation for excellence and can be found in National, National Plus and International Schools throughout Indonesia.


Nisa Felicia, Ph.D.

Dean of Faculty of Education

Deshinta P.A.D. Argaswari, M.Pd.

Mathematics Lecturer

Vera Syamsi, M.Hum.

English Language Teaching Lecturer

Maryam Mursadi


Hatim Gazali


Dhitta Puti Sarasvati R. , M.Ed


Desyarti Safarini TLS, M.Si.

Head of Mathematics Education Study Program

Susilowaty, M.A

Head of English Language Teaching Program

Nia Yulianti

Mathematics Lecturer